Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you pronounce PhIDX?

It is simply pronounced as “feed-ex”.

2. What does PhIDX.Net mean?

It means Philippine Internet Data eXchange Network.

3. Can anybody join PhIDX.Net?

Only duly-registered, PRC-licensed real estate brokers can join.

4. Why do you limit membership to licensed brokers only?

PhIDX.Net ensures that it will be highly compliant with the provisions of R.A.9646 also known as Real Estate Service Act of (RESA) 2009.

5. How much do I pay PhIDX.Net for the unlimited postings?

Member brokers are not charged any amount even in future with their successful deals.  Use of the portal is absolutely FREE provided by Digital Steer Information Technology Solutions (DSIT).    The only exception is when the owner of this website, who also happens to be a licensed broker, on a successful deal with a member-broker.

6. Definitely, there’s cost to maintaining and improving or making sure that .Net is sustainable.  How can that be achieved with PhIDX.Net?

That is absolutely true.  The first goal of PhIDX.Net is to create and grow a thriving community of highly successful brokers.  PhIDX.Net will continue to improve the services, add new features to help brokers, make sure that data is secure and data servers are fast in delivering information.  PhIDX.Net will also be continuously promoted and actively reach to brokers.  To defray costs, PhIDX.Net will get external sponsors and alternatively ask for absolutely voluntary contribution from brokers.

7. Why do you ask for an image file of my PRC ID?

We ensure that ONLY PRC-licensed real estate brokers can join PhIDX.Net.  Submission of image of the ID is only required at start to grant access.  A copy of the PRC ID will help facilitate verification with PRC website if the submitted name is indeed registered.  After verification, the image file is securely and permanently deleted from our servers.

8. Is PhIDX.Net compliant with RA10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012? will ensure to be compliant with all laws of the Republic of the Philippines.  Data will not be shared with any other third party.  The business of PhIDX.Net is built on trust.   When trust is gone, the business will be lost.

9. How can PhIDX.Net help in higher profitability to brokers?

PhIDX.Net was conceived out of a brokers difficulty with managing lists, time and contacts.  There’s the social media like Facebook, chat group like Viber, tons of email and all the paid websites like Lamudi and Property 24.   All activities with above websites will definitely cost a broker time and money.  The concept of PhIDX.Net is to just have  one repository of listings and contact brokers.  Brokers are also assured that dealings are with a fellow licensed broker.  No wasteful chats, calls and trips with unlicensed parties. As much as possible we will encourage direct listings only.  That definitely raises brokers’ professional fees!

10. What kind of listings can I post?

Postings are limited to general type and excludes developer projects.   Posting may be any of the following:  a) for sale; b) want to buy; c) for lease and d) want to lease

11. Which property locations and types can I post?

Postings are limited to properties anywhere in the Philippines and types that are covered by RESA.

12. How many listings can I post?

Member-brokers can post unlimited listings.

13. Can I upload pictures of the property?

Yes and limited to maximum 6 image files only.

14. Can I upload videos of the property?

Videos are not uploaded directly to the website but rather through Youtube or Vimeo and share links are used on the post details.

15. What gadgets can I use PhIDX.Net on?

PhIDX.Net is a responsive website.  It works on Windows PC, Mac, tablets and smart mobile phones.

16. Will PhIDX.Net ask for a certain amount when deals between brokers are closed?

PhIDX.Net will never meddle with any monetary consideration when deals are closed by broker members.

17. What is PhIDX.Net ruling or regulation on 2 posts by 2 different broker referring to the same property?

There is no ruling, anybody can post even similar properties.  The best solution to this is secure an exclusive authority to sell (ATS).

18. Will PhIDX.Net require pictures and videos?

There are certain fields that are compulsory and automatically regulated by PhIDX.Net software.  Pictures, videos and maps are optional.  The question is, will other brokers be interested in a listing that is incomplete?

19. How will PhIDX.Net admin deal with brokers posting listings that are 2 away from seller or buyer?

Brokers who post such will have to think what could be the reaction of other brokers considering the listing.  Any broker can report such posting to Admin as it will lower the the profits and take more time to close the deal.  For such occurence, click “Report abuse”  on the bottom part of the listing so he case can be handled by Admin. You can alternatively send details of issue via email to Admin (