Welcome to PhIDX.net!

PhIDX.net (pronounced simply as: feed-ex) stands for Philippine Information Data Exchange Network.  PhIDX.net is built with the Filipino real estate brokers (REB) in mind.  This is exclusive to licensed REBs regardless of location in the world and REGARDLESS of the realty affiliation.

As long as you have a valid PRC REB ID, you are all very welcome here!

We only have simple house rules:

1. Member REB shall abide by all policies and rules in accordance with RESA and the RESP Code of Ethics.
2. Member REB should at most, be one broker away from the Seller-Owner,  Buyer or SPA.
3. Nature of listing is not project development or pre-selling.*
4. Member posts will be properly classified and all details are true, correct and updated.
5. Pertinent documents are ready for presentation as per posting details.
6. If member’s posts present incessant errors, membership may be subject to sanctions, penalties, and/or total ban.

* Note: Re-sell, secondary market and not direct from project developer works fine with us.

The typical day’s challenge for a REB is all about organizing resources, prioritizing and taking action towards specific results.

By resources, we mean time, money, contacts, knowledge, leads, tools etc.

This website is envisioned to flourish with the infinite exchanges among REBs and with strong unity!

In signing up, all you need to prepare is a clear image file of your PRC ID.

Enjoy profitable business and the network of colleagues!

Daniel Cabaña, REB REA CPA

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